Considering the dock installation while planning your construction layout will ensure safety and efficiency during construction. Choose one of the following six options to save time and money on your dock install.

Pour-in-Place Pan

Create a perfect fit for your dock leveler with our Pour-in-Place Pan: a metal form built to specified pit dimensions. The dock leveler is pre-installed in the pan and placed onto the base slab allowing the concrete to be easily poured around the pan. Prior to the pouring of the concrete, the dock may be shimmed and leveled.

Pit Kit

A Pit Kit is a strong metal form built to the dimensions of Metro Dock Levelers. Unlike the Pour-in-Place Pan, a Metro Dock Pit Kit is set into the pit before the installation of the dock. This ensures a perfect fit of the dock into the pit without having to install the dock long before it is needed.

Pit-Style Curb Angle Kit

Curb Angles are designed to facilitate the proper formation of a pit. They are made to cover all exposed edges of the pit walls and are manufactured to suit any pit size.

Vertical Storing Dock Curb Angle

This Curb Angle is designed for Vertical Storing Docks is a rear mounting channel embedded into the concrete back wall of the pit.

Free Standing Frame

When retrofitting a dock, you may find yourself with a deep pit at the loading bay. To save on the cost and time of rebuilding the pit, a Free Standing Frame elevates and supports the dock leveler inside the existing pit.

Free Standing Self Contained Unit

In the case of limited floor space, or in instances where gas or water lines are located just under the floor surface, constructing a pit may not be an option for your building. A Free Standing Self Contained Unit can be used to safely install the dock outside of the building.

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