Keep your workers safe while maintaining productivity with the following safety and lighting solutions from Metro Dock.

Wheel Chocks & Parts

Wheel Chocks secure the truck wheels in place and prevent them from shifting or moving during loading/unloading.

  • Rubber – Moulded rubber wheel chocks are strong and do not absorb any water, making them perfect for all weather conditions.
    • 7” wide x 9” long x 7” high
  • Laminated – Made of laminated rubber strips, these wheel chocks have increased grip.
    • 8” wide x 8” long x 8” high
  • Aluminum – Aluminum wheel chocks are light and have a great bite into ice and snow – a perfect solution for harsh winter months.
    • 7” wide x 11 ½” long x 8” high
    • 6” wide x 6 ½” long x 6” high
  • Wheel Chock Kit – Complete Chock kits come with one wheel chock, 15’ of heavy duty zinc chain, a wall bracket for storage and a caution sign.

Communication Packages

Dock Communication Packages ensure that information on the status of the loading or unloading is being properly transmitted between the driver and the loading dock personnel. Metro Dock Communication Packages include the following:

  • Exterior LED Red/Green traffic light
  • Control Panel complete with Red/Green LED lights and option to operate manually or automatically
  • Dual Caution sign

Traffic Lights

Bright Red and Green lights communicate clearly with the driver whether to stop or go. Housed in a durable plastic case that will not rust, pit or corrode.  Available in 24v or 110v.

Bright Guide Strips

These strips of bright fabric are visible even during the roughest weather conditions, reflecting the truck lights without use of any electricity. Bright Guide Strips are easy to install and maintain. Simply wipe clean to keep reflectors shining bright.

Truck Stand

Truck Stands support the trailer when not connected to a truck. Metro Dock Truck Stands are designed to decrease the risk of collapse at the dock and fits most trailer types.

  • 100,000 lbs. capacity
  • Retracted height 37”
  • Extended height 48”

Dock Lights

Improve visibility at the dock and in the trailer with Dock Lights from Metro Dock. These LED lights are energy efficient and provide a strong, cool light instantly throughout the truck bed. The adjustable arm allows for visibility control and a wire lamp guard can be added for extra protection.
Light bulbs are sold separately.

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