The following Energy Efficient solutions from Metro Dock can reduce facility costs related to climate control and help keep your dock area clean and safe. Great for food and beverage handling facilities, cold storage and other applications requiring increased environmental control.

PVC Curtains

Adding a PVC Curtain to doorways and openings reduces climate control costs and noise levels in your facility. These strip curtains are a great way to increase the energy efficiency in your building. Available in 6” and 8” strips.


The Metro Dock Underdog is a foam filled weather seal mounted to the bottom edge of the overhead door. It is constructed with durable vinyl material and conforms to uneven floors.

Wedge Seal

Fill the gap between the dock leveler and the pit wall with the Metro Dock Wedge Seal, a triangular piece of foam covered with durable vinyl mounted to the bottom of the overhead door.  Use the wedge seal in conjunction with the Metro Dock Underdog for the ultimate seal around your dock. Wedge seals are sold in packs of 2.

Accordion Style Draft Barrier

A large amount of energy can be lost under the dock leveler when it is opened and closed. This vinyl barrier seals the space between the pit floor and under the dock lip, keeping climate controlled air inside and keeping the pit floor clean. Like an accordion, it folds and unfolds as the dock is raised and lowered.

Energy Saver

The Energy Saver is a border seal for your dock leveler that blocks debris and pests from entering the building from under the dock and prevents energy loss by sealing any gaps around the equipment.

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