Loading docks are high traffic areas. With time, repairs and upgrades must be made to your equipment. Here is a list of our aftermarket accessories that will ensure productivity is maximized at your loading bay.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit

A Conversion Kit is used to convert a Mechanical Dock that is in good structural condition to a fully Hydraulic Dock Leveler. Metro Dock Conversion Kits are universal, therefore can be used on any make of dock leveler.

They are comprised of:

  • 1- Tested Power Pack
  • 1- Push Button Control
  • 1- 2” Main Cylinder
  • 1- 1 ½” Lip Cylinder
  • 1- Velocity Fuse
  • 2- Hydraulic Hoses
  • All mounting hardware including brackets, pins and fittings

Mechanical Holddown Kit

The purpose of the Holddown is to hold the Mechanical Dock Leveler in its parked (closed) position while it is on the truck bed. As forklifts move back and forth across the dock levelers, they cause wear and tear on the holddown, making it a commonly serviced dock part. Like the Metro Dock Conversion Kit, the holddown is made to suit any type of dock leveler. The kit includes:

  • 1- Deep tooth Ratchet Holddown
  • 1- Chain
  • 1- Pull Ring & Cup
  • All mounting hardware including brackets, pins and fittings

Track Guards

Metro Dock Track Guards keep your overhead door hardware safe from forklift and other vehicle damages. Made of heavy duty steel and anchored to the floor and wall for maximum effectiveness, they are painted Safety Yellow for optimal visibility. The Track Guards come in standard 48” heights and do not impede with regular door operation.

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